It’s not your fault

It’s not your fault that your yoga lives outside of your house.

It’s not your fault that your yoga runs on someone else’s schedule.

It’s not your fault that you’ve been only practicing yoga in your local studio or gym.

It’s not your fault that you think you need to be a part of a bigger group to practice.

It’s not your fault that your yoga is More


This behavior changes everything

As we find ourselves charging through this new year I have found one big mental shift that makes a big difference.

You know how everyone in and out of the wellness industry has been talking up ‘self-care’ the past few years?  How it’s important to care for yourself first?  How you can’t pour from an empty cup?  All that stuff?  More


What better place than here? What better time than now?

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 1.50.15 PM (1)What a week it has been.

If there’s ever been a good time to rededicate yourself to your yoga practice, this is it.  I know I sure could use some deep breaths, strength, and flexibility (in all senses of the word) right now. More


Yoga for tough times

FullSizeRender (2)When times get tough, sometimes it’s best to go within.  Take time for yourself so that you can gather your wits, piece yourself back together, and find a toughness to match your circumstances.  The clouds pass and the sun will shine again.

Here’s how to do this with your yoga practice-

First, find a quiet place where you can either be alone or with a like-minded partner.  Turn on some music.  Find one or two relaxing songs followed by a few ass-kicking ones.

Calm yourself.  Sit tall.  Breathe deep.  Feel your spine extra long and strong as it will carry you forward.  Feel your shoulders More


How to keep it real

How to keep it real peace signYoga is something that has done wonders for my life- physically, mentally, emotionally.  I’ve never regretted practicing or felt worse afterwards.  I try to keep my expectations in check, though, remembering that sometimes a great yoga class can feel like a combination of the best massage, therapy session, and workout combined, and other times it can feel forced and tedious.  But even those times that aren’t so great, they’re still better than not doing it at all.  Some yoga is always better than no yoga for me.

I prefer to keep yoga personal, something that I do mostly alone at home.  I can move however feels good, wear whatever’s easiest to grab, and rock whatever tunes I’m in the mood for.  Yoga More


Where I get my (core) power

IMG_35241When you think of the holidays, what comes to mind?  Cookies?  Booze?  Overcrowded airports?  Last minute shopping?  Sounds pretty stressful to me!  Focusing on yoga poses that strengthen your core can give you the power you need to get through any holiday chaos.  Chiseled abs may be what you aspire to, but in my opinion, possessing a truly strong core is much better (and may have the More


Top 5 yoga terms you need to know

IMG_1502Oh, Sanskrit, the ancient and crazy language of yoga.  We’ve all found ourselves deep in the middle of a yoga pose when the teacher calls out some whacky sounding Sanskrit words and suddenly you’re lost.  “Did she just tell us to return to downward dog or remind us of a breathing exercise?”  It takes years of regular practice to begin to feel comfortable with hearing dozens of poses called out by their Sanskrit names, but in the meantime there are just 5 important terms that you need to know to feel at ease and in control during any class-

1. Om– Usually sung or chanted at the beginning or end of class.  It is said to be the sound of More


Not enough time? Here’s your solution.

fullsizerender-2There’s no denying that we all live very busy lives these days.  Unfortunately self-care frequently falls to the bottom of the to-do list.  Why is it so easy to discard your own health?  Yes, you need to do your job, take care of chores, run errands, and care for the kids (or pets or family members).  All of these things do need to get done, so how do you fit in exercise, grocery shopping, recipe research, and some relaxing home yoga time?  If only we could really take advantage of all 24 hours in every day.  No, I’m not here to tell you to sleep less.  Research says that adults should be in bed for 7-9 hours every night, so don’t skimp there (and can someone please tell my kids how delightful sleeping past dawn can be?).  Here’s how to make More


How to lose weight with yoga

IMG_36451We all know that a regular yoga practice will lower your stress, lengthen your muscles, and better your balance but it can also, without a doubt, help you to lose weight.  It doesn’t even matter if your only yoga is so gentle that you don’t get off the floor!  The main things to focus on during your practice- to aid in shedding a few pounds- are a deep sense of mindfulness and More


The skill you need to perfect NOW

Sarah StudebakerEver have those days where you feel like you’re just running in circles but never really getting anywhere?  Ever feel like a head-less chicken?  Or maybe like you’re go-go-going all day long but never really feel that sense of accomplishment?  I know I have those days, like, almost everyday!  One skill has helped me to slow down, focus, be present, and enjoy life a little more.  What is this skill, you ask.  Well, More