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Make it New Years anytime | Sarah Studebaker, Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

Make it New Years anytime

Make it new years anytime healthy drinkThere seems to be only one time of year that I find myself evaluating my routines, lifestyle, and habits: New Years.  Why is that?  Don’t we always need constant modification to be nudged back on track.  Maybe goals have changed?  Maybe living situations have changed?  I’ve recently made an effort to change a few habits and a goal to do this more than one time of year.  Why do we need the calendar to tell us it’s time for resolutions?  I say we start making them any time we feel a little ‘off’.  Adopting a few simple changes can help you get back to that general feeling of kick-ass’ness!  Here are a few things that have worked for me in just the past few weeks-

  • Change up your mornings.  What you do first thing in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day.  One quick change that I’ve made is having a tall glass of water before having (smaller) cup of coffee.  This obviously helps to hydrate the body but also mentally sets the tone that I am caring for myself rather than just shocking it with caffeine right away.  I’ve learned that a lighter breakfast followed by a snack a few hours later helps me feel physically lighter.  Next on my list is to wake up 30 min earlier for a sunrise yoga routine on our balcony.  I just haven’t mustered the strength to change the alarm clock quite yet!
  • Cut the crap.  Yes, we all have ‘crap’ in our diets.  For me, it’s sweets.  I realized that lately my intake of them has greatly increased.  I could tell myself that it was still a moderate amount of high quality goodies but the reality is that I was indulging too much.  Sugar (rather, anything sweet tasting) is addictive for me.  Once that taste gets on my palate, that’s all I want and all I can think about for the rest of the day.  I found that after spending a week without any treats that I was suddenly able to look at them quite differently.  Instead of them being something I always craved, I admitted that they throw me into a downward spiral of bad habits.  Now I’m able to enjoy just one little piece of something, then cleanse my palate of the sugary after-taste.  The ‘crap’ in your diet may not be sugar, maybe it’s salty snacks, cheese, or alcohol.  You know what it is.  Are you really treating it as a once in awhile indulgence or has it crept into your everyday routine?  Why not see what would happen if you lower your intake and start looking at it differently.
  • Challenge yourself.  Find soMake it new years anytime healthy fireworksmething that you’ve been thinking about doing and, as Nike says, just do it!  Whether it’s making more time for your at-home yoga practice, signing up for that cooking class, learning how to rock climb (OK, these are all things on my list), get out there and do it.  Increase your healthy habits by setting an outrageous goal and doing it.  As mentioned above, my next outrageous and challenging move is learning how to set my alarm clock earlier.
  • Celebrate!  Yup, this one’s as easy as it sounds.  Celebrate your accomplishments and new healthy habits.  Rather than going nuts with your celebratory meals and copious amounts of alcohol, find a way to make your celebrating a little healthier.  For me, it’s treating myself to some extra yoga classes as a student.  Don’t get me wrong, I do still love a (veggie) burger and beer once in awhile but have learned that a real burger, lots of fries, and several beers just don’t sit well with me.  Scale down your food celebrating without scaling down the enjoyment.

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