The truth about my home practice

IMG_37341I would love to be able to attend one, if not several, yoga classes a day at a studio that I love and feel completely comfortable at.  Unfortunately time is not on my side with this one.  Daily life with a kiddo can just get downright hectic.  Sometime it’s work, errands, meal planning, or just daily correspondence that seem to eat up my time.  Whatever the culprit, it is near impossible for me to commute to and from a studio and attend a class that’s usually at least 75 minutes long.  Sounds like quite a luxury these days!  Having a home yoga practice has allowed me to keep yoga as a part of my life during these busy times.

I like to fantasize about what I’d love my home practice to look like- invigorating sun salutations in the morning, an hour long full class during the day, and some restorative poses to relax before bed.  Again, there’s that element of time!  In reality my daily practice has become doing a few minutes of standing stretches in the morning (while waiting for coffee), having ‘yoga time’ on the floor during the afternoon (while my little guy- or a cat- runs around, under, and into me), running during sunset (not physically yoga but has come to have the same affect on my mind), and if I’m lucky, (meaning, I have the energy and time) relaxing into a few long easy poses in the quietness of night.  This is quite different from my IMG_36911_2dream schedule, but I’ve learned a few lessons along the way.  Hopefully these lessons can help you in your own home yoga practice-

  • Adjust and re-adjust.  As your schedule and energy levels change throughout the year, you’ll need to change how yoga fits into your life.  Be flexible (yes, pun intended).  The important thing is that yoga remains a priority and a part of your schedule.  Fit it in wherever you can, even if it’s only a few minutes here and there.
  • Acceptance.  Be OK with not having an hour to practice every day.  If you do have that time (and commitment)- awesome!  Be OK with your home practice being drastically different than your dream scenario.  Accept that some things in your schedule may seem out of your control but find a way to schedule in just a few minutes of yoga.  Acknowledge that there may be other things in your life that can clear your mind just as quickly as yoga and practice those as well.  Embrace these activities and accept them as part of your practice (as I have done with my sunset runs).
  • A little is better than nothing.  Just because you don’t have the time to attend classes at a studio does not mean that you can’t practice.  Doing yoga at home, in your own time allows you to practice for as long as you’d like to, whenever you’d like to.  Maybe each time is only for 5 minutes, maybe it’s 30.  Whatever the amount of time, it’s always better than nothing.  Any amount of time spent practicing is always greater than zero.

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