3 things that can kill your practice

IMG_03061Congrats!  You have your at-home yoga practice at a place where it’s so regular that it’s part of your daily routine.  You don’t need to worry about it and are very proud that you’ve gotten to a place where yoga is a true part of your life.  Even though things are going well now, that’s not a guarantee for the future, unfortunately.  In an instant lives, schedules, and circumstances can change, so you need to make sure that your practice remains constant.  By taking steps to prevent against these practice ‘killers’, you can easily ensure success for the long term.  Because that’s what you’re in it for, right?!

  • Boredom.  Following the same routine, the same poses, in the same room, to the same music can make your practice so boring that it becomes a chore.  An at-home yoga practice is supposed to be invigorating, relaxing, and fun.  To keep it fresh, make some minor changes once in awhile.  Mix in a few new poses, find some music you wouldn’t ever think to practice yoga to, or maybe take your practice outside with friends.  Keeping it fresh and fun will keep you looking forward to it.
  • Schedule chaos.  Even if you are a stickler for timing and planning, you always need to be flexible.  Life happens, sometimes (OK, usually) in inconvenient ways.  Your morning wake up routine may not fit comfortably into your schedule when you have a newborn or a new job, but this isn’t a reason to let your practice go all together.  It’s not all or nothing.  Practice a little whenever you can and always be open to finding new rhythms in your flexible routines.
  • Party people.  It’s extremely difficult to take time for yourself (and your practice) when you’re surrounded by people who want to do everything but yoga.  Being constantly invited out to socialize, drink, etc can, of course, be fun but there’s no need to sacrifice your practice.  It’s important to find balance between your social life and your important alone time.  Others will understand and who knows, maybe they’ll choose to stay in and join you.

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