The fastest yoga you’ve ever done (video)

photoI hear it all the time- people who love yoga but say they haven’t done it in months because of time.  Yes, it does take a lot of time to attend a 75 or even 90 minute class at a studio- there’s time spent commuting, changing clothes, checking in and paying, then commuting back home again.  Did I even mention the time spent in class?  What if you could practice yoga without a commute or even changing clothes?  How much time would that save?  I’ve come up with a quick 5 minute routine that you can do at home or at work without rolling out a mat or even putting on your workout pants.

Start with a standing breathing exercise that moves your spine-
-stand with feet under your hips, shoulders back, chest lifted
-inhale arms overhead
-exhale to swan dive down to a forward fold (reach down for your toes)
-inhale halfway up to flat back (hands on your shins, feel like you’re trying to arch your back)
-exhale back down to forward fold (round back, heavy head and arms, stretch hamstrings)
-inhale to reverse swan dive back up to standing with arms overhead
-exhale arms down to your sides (back to beginning standing pose)

Repeat this for 5-10 rounds.  Notice the inhales are upward, lifting movements and the exhales are downward, folding movements.  Really exaggerate the movements of the spine.  Every other pose is lengthening of the spine and every other pose is rounding and releasing the spine.  Feet stay planted in the same place the whole time.  Make your breaths really long so the movements are pretty slow.

Then a few balancing pose to enhance core strength and mental focus-
-Tree pose (standing on one foot, bring other foot to inner calf of standing leg’s thigh, palms together at your heart)
-bring top leg back behind you as you lean forward into Warrior 3 (as you extend your leg behind you, lean forward and extend your arms in front of you).  Arms, torso, and leg all in one line.  It’s not about how far into it you get, it’s just about practicing your balance.


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  1. Ann L. says:

    Thanks for the video!!

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