If you have just 5 minutes a day (VIDEO)

5 min at home yogaThe argument of not having enough time for an at-home yoga practice is just BS.  Even if all that you have is 5 minutes, you can still practice daily.  The most important things to focus on in a short amount of time are breathing and opening your spine.  There are 6 movements of the spines to remember-

1 & 2. Arching and rounding the spine, or cat and cow positions.  Make sure that you are moving your whole spine back and forth, from your tailbone up to your head.  As you arch your back, stick out your tailbone and chest, squeeze your shoulders back, and drop your head back.  When rounding the spine, tuck your tailbone, move your shoulders forward, and drop your chin towards your chest.

3 & 4. Side leans (right and left).  Feel your back flat (not arched or rounded) as you move your whole spine side to side.  Imagine your spine moving into the shape of a letter ‘C’.

5 & 6. Twists (right and left).  There are endless versions of twists you can do as long as you focus on keeping your spine long and tall while in the twist.  If you’re hunched over, there won’t be room for you to find your twist.

Deepen your breath while moving through these poses, finding as much relaxation as possible.  With only 5 minutes, you need to make each moment worth it- play your favorite song, open a window, light a candle, whatever you need to do to make your mini-class into a small slice of nirvana.  These spinal movements can be done either while seated, on hands and knees, or standing- whatever you’d prefer.  Make the time and the commitment, whether it’s first thing when you wake up, while in your chair at work, or before getting into bed at the end of the night.  Maintaining a healthy spine is mucho importante and the basis of any good fitness routine.  Who doesn’t have just 5 minutes a day?


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  1. Ann L. says:

    Great article, Sarah!

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