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Keep your practice going no matter what | Sarah Studebaker, Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

Keep your practice going no matter what

How to keep your yoga practice going when traveling AZI recently took a nearly 2 week trip out of town and had to make a real effort to keep my personal yoga practice going.  When traveling or just having some craziness going on in your schedule, it’s difficult to keep those regular things going.  As a chronic planner, I enjoy having a routine and organization in my life but when out of town, everything’s off.  I have to go back to the mindset of when I was a carefree, laid-back teen and just be adventurous and go with the flow.  As a mom and someone who’s committed to taking care of themselves, I have to balance my carefree attitude with a very short and not so scheduled to-do list.  The kid has to nap and I have to move my body.  Luckily I found that in my vacation schedule, those two things often made the most sense when they happened together.  After lunch every day I’d find myself back in the hotel room, being as quiet as I could while he slept.  Having a silent practice (without any music or the distractions that sometimes come with being at home) was great for a change.  Here are a few tips that helped me bring my practice with me while traveling-

  • Let go of your plans.  Give yourself a day to explore you’re new environment and see what your schedule’s is like.  There’s not much sense in planning ahead because when traveling there’s always unexpected things (good and bad) popping up.  You’ll find at least a few free minutes once things settle down.
  • It’s not going to look like what you imagine.  I didn’t have a mat with me or even any yoga clothes, just took to practicing in my pj’s on the carpeting.  Music and any other sort of atmospheric enhancer didn’t exist.  Just me, my huge sweat pants, and a silent hotel room.  I would have LOVED to have laid out a mat and practice right in the middle of the picture above but that didn’t happen (and I didn’t have my sunscreen with me).  Instead this is where I practiced (not bad, I admit, but not my first choice of being outdoors in that awesome Arizona environment)-

How to keep your yoga practice going when traveling

  • Some yoga’s better than no yoga.  Even if you can’t seem to fit in any yoga, find 10 minutes in the morning, evening, or any other time you find yourself waiting on your spouse, family member, or friend to get ready (you’re not that person everyone’s always waiting on, right?!), just move around, stretch, and breathe.  A few minutes is always better than nothing.

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  1. Ann L. says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Sarah!

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