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The one thing that gets me in that yoga mood | Sarah Studebaker, Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

The one thing that gets me in that yoga mood

I’ve heard every excuse in the book for not sticking with a home yoga practice and if I keep personally running into this one excuse then I assume you do too.  Once you’ve figured out how to carve out a regular block of time for your practice, what happens when you’re just not in the mood for it?  There you are with your mat rolled out, stretchy pants on, and not an ounce of motivation in your body.  I’ve been there and find myself there more often than I like to admit.  Pep talks don’t work (“Come on, you know you’ll be glad you did it.”).  Sheer force isn’t fun.  But what if there was one little thing that you could do to put yourself in the mood for yoga?  Well there is one little thing and it just requires hitting play.  Literally.  Turn on your music!

It doesn’t even require much time planning ahead.  Sure you could spend hours scouring the internet and itunes, writing down lists, then messing with the order of the songs (as I still find myself doing from time to time).  Or you could just turn on your favorite album or radio station.  What if you don’t own small portable speakers or what if you like to practice in a room that doesn’t have a stereo?  No problem.  Do you have music on your phone?  Just play it through your phone.  It won’t sound like the best quality music but it works just fine.

Finding music that you enjoy practicing to is very important.  It will add the following your practice-

  • energy
  • motivation
  • personalization
  • enjoyment

Don’t worry if your music isn’t ‘yoga music’ filled with clanging bells and monks chanting (mine’s not!).  This is your practice so play whatever you want whether that’s classic rock, current pop, or ocean sounds.

Still having trouble finding a few great songs that leave you dying to practice?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself-

  • what songs do I love belting out while alone in the car or shower?
  • what songs really suck me in and make me lose my train of thought?
  • what songs make me want to get up and move?
  • what songs are so beautiful and relaxing that they make me want to just be still and listen?

Put these songs into either a playlist or maybe create a customized Pandora station based with your favorite artists.  Not used to listening to songs that make you want to be still?  Here are a few of my favorite songs that I play during sivasana-

  • “Chord Songs” by Moby
  • “On the Nature of Daylight” by Max Richter
  • “Close Cover” by Wim Mertens (Cafe Del Mar vol 5)
  • “30 Bones” by Fistful of Mercy

Have your music ready and in your phone, ipod, or stereo at all times so when you find yourself just not feeling like practicing, you have your music there to snap you into the mood.


2 responses to “The one thing that gets me in that yoga mood”

  1. Lynell Hunt says:

    Love the music you play. I particularly like the Max Richter stuff.

  2. Ann L. says:

    Thanks for the recs! I’m listening to the Richter now. Lovely!

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