Exceeding all expectations (the power of food)

photo1We all get in those ruts of life where everything just seems to be stuck- job, relationships, energy level, weight.  I’m not talking about that feeling of quitting everything and following your favorite band around on tour for the rest of your life (although that would be awesome!).  I’m talking about the feeling that things aren’t changing, that you’re not in control.  Sometimes I find myself there once a year, sometimes it’s every Monday afternoon.  Personally, I hate feeling sluggish and lacking control, it makes everything that I deal with in life that much more difficult.  I’ve been fortunate enough to realize the difference that good food makes in my life- high quality, real food.  When I’m nourishing my body well I just generally feel better and can tackle the world with more energy and clarity.

These are subtle difference that I’m talking about.  I’m not going to insist that on a day when I have fries and a milkshake that I literally can’t make it through the day whereas when I have my veggies and vitamins, I run marathons.  I’m talking about difference like feeling motivated, having the ability to multitask, keeping up with my toddler, and being my best self without even trying.  Subtle, but meaningful differences.

You are what you eat” is a saying older than all of us.  It was first coined by a Frenchman in 1826 and was made more popular in the US in 1923 when nutritionist Victor Lindlahr wrote ‘Ninety percent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs.  You are what you eat.’  I just love the phrase ‘cheap foodstuffs’ and may have to start using it.  This statement is obviously true from a scientific end as your food not just fuels, but also becomes the cells in your body.  ‘You are what you eat’ is also true from an energetic level.  Plainly stated, the better you eat and fuel your body, the more energy you will have.  So stay away from the ‘cheap foodstuffs!’

photoIf your motivation is more physical (afterall, who doesn’t want to look good?), then check out this Vogue article called ‘The Ageless Body: Who has it and how to get it.”  It talks about eating lean proteins, lots of veggies, and high quality foods.  Doing this (along with exercise) will keep you looking amazing way after you were planning on giving up hope in that department.  Yes, eating healthy can make you feel great but it can also help you look like a sexy celebrity.  Awesome.
For me, eating well means taking my vitamins, having a balanced diet throughout the day (full of colorful produce, healthy fats, whole grains, and good protein), drinking a breakfast or snack green smoothie, and indulging in some dark chocolate.  I’ve learned that this is very important for me and becoming a mom has enforced that fact.  It’s one thing to be sluggish when it’s just you, but when you have another person depending on you for everything in their life, you need to be at your best for them too.  Eating this way and paying attention to what I consume has helped me maintain my weight, boost my energy, and allow me to go-go-go.  In other words, it helped me to exceed my expectations as to what I could handle and accomplish at this point in my life.

Are you interested in really upping your nutrition game?  Click here to learn about my nutrition training and how you can not just get healthier, but also add nutrition training to your professional credits.  Don’t worry, we graduates don’t all eat bark, one of my favorite things is Friday night pizzas.  Let me know if you have any questions about it and just start paying more attention to what you’re consuming.  It makes an enormous difference.



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