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Where I've been | Sarah Studebaker, Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

Where I’ve been

IMG_1491After a several month hiatus from my old normal routine, I’m back and working at my new routine.  I took a few months off for the birth of my son Tyler, assuming the ole’ 6 week maternity leave would be just fine.  Little did I know, my body (and my toddler) had different plans for me.  Didn’t I learn the first time I became a parent that I don’t have much say in my schedule anymore?!

Turns out not all women have easy births.  Not all women are back at ‘it’ right away.  Not all women’s bodies feel normal after the 6-8 week doctor’s suggestion.  Not all women function normally on torturously little sleep.  Yes, I am one of these women.  I love my boys but I also love my sleep!

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s the second kid.  Maybe it’s the fact that my body’s a few years older than the first time I did this.  Maybe it’s the fact that my toddler (who’s nearly 3) now wants all of my attention, which he seemed to not care much about before a sibling came into the picture.  Whatever it is, the past few months were more difficult than I expected.

The main thing that I’ve struggled with is that I want to treat my body like ‘normal’ again.  I want to go for a run, sweat a little, push myself, do my daily sun salutations and maybe even a headstand.  Every time I try, my body tells me that it’s just not ready for these things.  Instead of waiting and waiting and waiting, I’ve decided to just treat everyday as my new normal.  Long walks with the kids, gentle yoga with the baby below me, and teaching a few weekly beginner level classes have been extremely fulfilling for me lately.

Sometimes taking it easy, is easier said than done.  With all the talk out there in our culture of women getting back to ‘normal’ right after giving birth, it was difficult to accept that I am just not one of these women this time around and no matter how much my ego wants to be, I can’t just will myself into being my old self.  Patience, ease, and rest are my new mantras.  When I forget them and push myself, I find myself in a pissed off state with soreness and injuries.

I tell my students all the time to take it easy and relax.  So hear I am, trying to walk the walk.  I’m so grateful to able to have a home yoga practice that I can easily do with a newborn and adjust as needed.  As I practice, I breathe in acceptance and breathe out my ridiculous expectations of what a post-birth experience should have been.  I am grateful for the things my body can do and don’t dwell on the ‘can nots’.


4 responses to “Where I’ve been”

  1. Shannon says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring blog post! Thank you so much Sara! I will be sure to share this as I think one of the biggest gifts to a new mother is to do less and accept the new us more. Congrats on baby boy! Xoxo

  2. Letting Go of Getting “Back to Normal” | MamaNurture says:

    […] Read Sarah’s story here […]

  3. Ann says:

    Thanks so much for these wise and helpful words, Sarah!

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