4 ways to energize your day

IMG_0518My morning routine has changed enormously since having kids.  Uggg, why don’t they appreciate sleep like I do?!  They definitely do not believe that we all need a long night’s sleep for a healthy day.  In fact, we’ve somehow been able to have some pretty awesome days, despite some previous rough nights.  The best part of my mornings is that I actually get to see the sunrise every single day, the worst part being I’m up before the sun rises every single day!

I’ve never particularly been a morning person but I have come to value how much I can accomplish during the early morning hours.  Having a productive and happy start to the day sets the stage for a great morning, afternoon, and evening.  No matter how little sleep I may have gotten or what my mood is when I’m woken up, I always find myself immediately in ‘go’ mode somehow.  The amount of things that I accomplish during that first hour truly allows me to feel more relaxed, organized, and energized throughout the day ahead.  The exact routine of my mornings is constantly in flux but there are a few constants that I would never lose.  Here are my tried and tested tips to boost your health and energy in that critical first hour of your day-

  • Hydrate.  Everyone wakes up dehydrated whether you feel it or not.  You body hasn’t consumed anything for many many hours and if your go-to morning beverage is caffeinated, that will lead to further dehydration (and some brain-fog).  Have a glass of water when you wake up, especially if you love your daily cup of joe, like me.
  • Protein and Fat.  These two components in your breakfast will help to keep you feeling full and fueled- whether it’s avocado and eggs, a smoothie with protein powder and coconut oil (here’s my favorite smoothie recipe), or nuts/nut butter added to your regular ole’ oats or toast.
  • Move.  I love starting my day with a great at-home yoga routine to work out any kinks from overnight and clear my mind for the day, however, this is not always an option with a toddler and baby who wake up at 110% speed.  I either practice with them or make my morning movement a walk, wrestling with the toddler, or maybe even a cheesy family dance party (No, you will not be seeing videos of that any time soon).  Getting my body moving and blood pumping wakes me up just as well as a great cup of coffee.
  • Lists.  Get yourself organized.  Whether you actually write it down or not, make a plan for your day, figure out what needs to get done, how to do it, and if there are less important things you can just let go of for now (after all, this is not meant to add stress).  Another great morning list is a gratitude list.  Thinking of a few things that you’re grateful for (even if it’s the simple sight of the sunrise, ability to move your body, hug from a loved one, or smell of that coffee), these positive thoughts also aid in stress relief.

Try these out and experiment with other morning rituals because a healthy morning truly does lay the groundwork for a healthy, energized day.  What are some things you enjoy doing during your first hour of the day?


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