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Eat cake with me | Sarah Studebaker, Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

Eat cake with me

For my birthday this year, I’ll be eating cake.  That almost made it sound like I don’t eat cake every year for my birthday!  Of course, I enjoy birthdays and their celebrations to the fullest of my abilities (as long as I don’t have 364 friends celebrating every other day of the year).

My lifestyle follows one main rule that I learned at Institute for Integrative Nutrition

The 90/10 rule

As long as I’m living my healthy lifestyle 90% of the time, I’m golden, and I get to eat cake 10% of the time (maybe even Smitten Kitchen’s amazing birthday cake, as pictured above).  I like to think that this rule also applies to fitness- if I’m active and moving 9 out of 10 days, I’ve earned some time to ‘couch-potate’.

Fully restricting yourself to an extreme diet or creating a ‘never list’ always leads to those ‘never’ items taunting you, which equals stress.  If you’re really good at eating healthy, whole foods, then allow yourself a little slack and eat cake with me.  Indulging once in awhile can actually relieve your mind of the stress of having to watch out for those ‘never’ foods (and trying to pretend like they don’t taste good).

Maybe cake isn’t your thing.  Maybe it’s B-A-C-O-N!  I say, go for it, just not often.  That means don’t keep it around otherwise you’ll probably end up eating it way more often.

Wait… What’s that you say?  “Didn’t she hear about the news that processed meats, like bacon, can kill you?”  Yes, I did.

In case you missed it, the World Health Organization has recently labeled processed meats as carcinogens.  Yikes!  It was all over the news this week but unfortunately, and frustratingly, the news came with all sorts of different advice.  Here’s a great article by Vox.com called ‘The Bacon Freak Out: Why the WHO Cancer Warnings Cause So Much Confusion’ which really helps to explain just what’s going on.

My take-

  • Do not make processed meats a regular part of your diet.
  • Do not make them something you get every time you go grocery shopping.
  • Do not create a ‘never list’.
  • Do prioritize quality over quantity.  Think about the ingredients and processed involved.
  • Do buy your meats (especially processed ones like bacon and sausage) from small farms or farmer’s markets.

So, if you’d like to celebrate with me, eat cake!  ….or bacon.


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