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How to keep it interesting | Sarah Studebaker, Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

How to keep it interesting

useWhen I’ve been at something for a long time, no matter what it is, it eventually gets stale.  Fun things can start to feel like work.  Even with my yoga practice, something that is usually the best part of my day, can sometimes feel like just something on the to-do list.  Usually when my practice starts to get ‘same old, same old’, it’s because I haven’t taken a new class in awhile (whether that’s in person or online).  It’s easy to get into a rut of practicing the same routine over and over again. I get so used to doing what I want that it’s actually nice to, once in awhile, have someone else tell me what to do!

Infusing your practice with something new can make it exciting and interesting again.  Find a new sequence to make yours.  Don’t worry, no one can sue you for stealing their routine (yes, this was actually stated by a US Court of Appeals recently.  Sorry, Mr. Bikram).

The challenge is noticing when you’re in need of something new and shaking up your practice before you give up on it.  Always know where you can go to for fresh material.  Whether it’s a local yoga studio, a new style of yoga (check out the Today Show hosts trying hot yoga), an old DVD, or an online library jammed packed with videos from your favorite teacher (more on that project of mine another time!)- always keep those in your back pocket.

It’s easy to forget about poses you once loved or sequences that once excited you.  Revisiting those can be like having an amazing conversation with a dear old friend.  Don’t forget about ’em!

Another great way to ‘keep it interesting’ is to change up your music, location in your house, or time of day that you’re practicing.

Know what your tools are to give your practice a burst of caffeine and don’t be afraid to use them often.


One response to “How to keep it interesting”

  1. Melanie says:

    Thanks for the tips, Sarah. This is very true for running, too! I love that Court of Appeals ruling – how great.

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