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Use this 1 tip and never skip your daily practice again | Sarah Studebaker, Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

Use this 1 tip & never skip your daily practice again

Have you ever been so committed and regular about your yoga practice that it’s just as automatic as brushing your teeth?  Sure, we’ve all been there….. for awhile…… Have you ever wondered where on earth your beloved yoga practice has gone?  We’ve definitely all been there.  Life and all of it’s responsibilities gets in the way easily.  There are so many things that need to get done every day that taking time for yourself and your yoga practice frequently get bumped off the bottom of the list.

I admit that lately I haven’t been as regular with my home practice as usual.  Yes, even I fall off the wagon.  The truth is I’m busy and I assume you’re busy too.  No matter what your career, lifestyle, or living situation, we’re all busy.  So how is anyone expected to find time for yoga every single day?

What I have figured out over the past week is that yoga morphs and changes as my day to day routine changes.  Doing morning sun salutations just doesn’t work for me anymore (having a baby wake you up about an hour before you’re ready will do that).  Doing yoga with my toddler is not exactly relaxing me-time (go figure).  Yoga lately has become an evening routine for me lately.  It just fits better into my day and helps me to unwind at night.  That said, it’s a different practice than it used to be to.  I find myself wanting to do different poses than I’m used to, listen to different music, and just move at a different pace and it all feels like it’s the missing piece of my puzzle lately.

So, how can you make sure you never skip your practice again?

Accept the fact that your practice may not be what it used to be or what you think it should be (I hate that ‘should’ word).  Take stock of your day and figure out when yoga would best serve you.

  • When are you completely alone?
  • When would having alone time best energize you?
  • When is it OK to shut your phone off for awhile?

Allow your practice to change as you and your life change.  Try not to drop it, just re-evaluate it.

Changing my yoga practice has allowed it to be a constant again.  What’s worked for you?  How do you bring yourself back to practicing regularly after some time away?


One response to “Use this 1 tip & never skip your daily practice again”

  1. Ann L says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah!

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