3 tips to always have perfect posture

100_5515You can learn a lot about people based on how they carry themselves- mood, attitude, emotional state, self confidence, physical strength, health and well-being.  As a society, we usually think of elderly people or people in poor health as those with rounded hunched over posture but in our current technology and automobile driven culture, we all seem to be a little hunched over these days.

“Stand up straight!” -has probably been uttered by every mother on the planet.  There’s good reason for it too.  Having good posture actually strengthens your spine and core, improves circulation, and facilitates easier breathing.  Feeling better about yourself and your appearance is also an added bonus.  We evolved away from the caveman posture for a reason.

The main way to have excellent posture is to always be reminding yourself to ‘stand up straight’.  But what exactly does that mean and how do you know if you’re doing it (without taking selfies all day- that’s not in my plan!)?  Here’s how to have perfect posture-

Imagine 3 horizontal lines running through your body that should all be parallel and lined up on top of each other.  They run across these spots-

  • Bottom line is across your hip bones
  • Middle line runs across your collarbones and out through your shoulders
  • Top line goes through your head and out your ear holes

Try stacking these parallel lines while practicing yoga (any seated and standing poses, or hanging out in tree pose on a beach in Costa Rica, as pictured above), standing in line at the grocery store, or seated in meditation.  Remind yourself as many times throughout the day as you can and you’ll start noticing yourself doing it without thinking.  It’s an easy way to counter being hunched over your smart phone or steering wheel.

No more nagging looks from mom.


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