You’re right. Here’s why THIS is the best daily practice.

FullSizeRenderEveryone talks about it, you may already be doing it.  You can write it down, talk about it, or simply think it.  However you choose to practice it, expressing gratitude is a wonderful thing to do each and every day.

“Make an attitude to be in gratitude.  You will find the whole universe will come to you.” -Yogi Bhajan

It’s about that time of year when we start talking about what we’re thankful for, but why not make it something we think about throughout the rest of the year.  Practicing gratitude fosters happiness and healing.  Can’t we all use some of that?!

Yes, we are all grateful for our friends and family and having a roof over our heads, but what else?  What makes you grin?  What makes you relax?  What allows you to function on a daily basis?  Dig in there.

Blending a gratitude practice with your personal yoga practice is a beautiful thing.  Here are my favorite ways to do it-

  • Angels.  My first teacher used to have us visualize our angel (someone we’re grateful to have in our lives) as someone to give us strength whenever we’re lacking it during class.
  • Your body.  Notice how it moves, breathes, and functions as it carries you through your practice.  Instead of getting frustrated with what it can’t do, focus on what it can.
  • Stillness.  In these moments, try to deepen your breathing and count one blessing per breath.  Whether it’s in savasana or while holding a really tough pose, count your blessings while you breath.

What’s your favorite way to practice gratitude?


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