This holiday season’s best gift

FullSizeRenderWhy’s everyone freaking out?  Yup, it’s holiday season again.  I love this time of year and being a part of all the magical fun that the kids enjoy makes it even better.  One thing I don’t love is that everyone seems to be carrying around a Jupiter sized stress ball.  So much to do, so little time.

Whether you have travel plans, meal planning to do, endless parties to attend, or excited children to manage; we all could use one thing.  And just ONE thing.


I know, I know.  ‘But there’s so much to do!’  Next time you’re writing up your to-do list or checking your list of gifts to buy, add one thing for yourself- that day off.

Mine happened this past weekend and I’m planning for more soon.  It was oh-so wonderful and definitely filled me up the way a good night’s sleep can.  I spent an afternoon watching The Leftovers while eating the leftovers (in the form of turkey soup).  I listened to great music.  I read.  I practice my yoga.  Alone.  I went for a long run/walk even though the weather was cold and grey.  I didn’t teach or touch my email.  It was awesome.

Now, I’m not going to tell you to do these things.  We all have different things that we enjoy doing.  What fills you up?  What do you enjoy doing that’s just for you?  Before you answer these questions about what you like to do with your free time, you may want to read this recent New York Time’s article ‘Addicted to Distraction’ and try the suggested questions of- ‘ “Is this really what I want to be doing?” If the answer is no, the next question is, “What could I be doing that would feel more productive, or satisfying, or relaxing?” ‘

eec82a7ee5add15b659364cb506ae46eThe other lists, life, and chores will always be there waiting.

Will anything really fall apart if you take a day off?  Probably not.  But, you know what will happen?  You’ll probably be a little happier, energized, and present.  When you’re full, you’re able to give more to others.

Just imagine how much more wonderful the world would be if everyone had recently taken a day off for the things they love.  Now that’s the type of holiday spirit I want.


2 responses to “This holiday season’s best gift”

  1. Devon says:

    my favorite blog post to date – thank you for reminding us to recharge!

  2. Ann L. says:

    Yes! I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks, Sarah!

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