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This really works | Sarah Studebaker, Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

This really works

Sarah-3760As life gets busy and things get crazy, I’m reminded how much my yoga practice means to me.  Yes, it’s something that makes me feel good and maintains my health.  It’s all those things that fall under health, fitness, stretching, breathing, etc.  You know the list.

The stress of life has been amped up lately and these are the times that adding yoga to my list of things to do in a day actually doesn’t seem like extending my to-do list.  It somehow, magically, seems to shorten the list by making everything else easier, more manageable.

The more I practice, the better I feel.  Making the time to re-charge, listen to my favorite music, move, breathe, relax, really seems to work some magic on my soul.

I’m constantly reminded that this yoga thing really works.

The more I practice, the more I want to practice.  It’s my drug of choice.

Some days, it sucks getting started.  Some days, it’s smiles all the way through.  But either way, I’m always glad I made it to my mat.  It just helps make everything better.  It just works.

As the holidays continue in full swing, my kids continue to test their balance atop of furniture, and we prepare to travel with them confined on an airplane, I remind myself to practice.  It’ll make it all better.

I hope that yoga serves you in the same way.  Just get yourself to your mat. Practice.  It’ll all be OK.



2 responses to “This really works”

  1. Ann L. says:

    Yes! Thanks for the reminder that yoga practice helps to manage one’s to-do list.

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