It’s that time again

yoga matTime to dust off and roll out the mat.  Time to set goals.  Time to get your diet back on track.  Time to start a new exercise routine.  Time to make changes.  Time to be disciplined about sticking to this new routine.

New Years can be both an exciting and daunting time.  The energy of everyone bettering themselves is inspiring.  Unfortunately, it’s also a matter of time until we all slip back into whatever it was we were doing back in Dec.

Just as the crowds at gyms swells with the New Year and falls come March, so can all this enthusiasm surrounding a new year and its new beginnings.

For me, yoga is an excellent support to prop my other intentions on.  Rather than making a new yoga routine one of my 2016 goals, I make an effort to stick with my current practice and during that time, I focus energy on my other intensions.

i bendHere’s how-

Health themes.  As you begin your practice with a few deep breaths, feel your body and gratitude towards it and all that it does for you.  Remind yourself of the loving ways you’d like to treat your body- whether it’s diet changes, exercise goals, massage appointments (why not?!), etc.

Take notes.  Whether it’s an iphone or traditional pen and paper, keep it nearby.  When things come up as you move through practice, write them down so that you don’t have to make an effort to remember them later.

Other goals.  Towards the end of your practice, feel yourself stronger and able to tackle those off-the-mat tasks.  Build your confidence around your other goals (career, relationships, etc) through your strength, flexibility, ease and calmness.

Allow yoga to not just be your resolution but to be the legs that the other ones can stand on.  What a amazing foundation it makes.


3 responses to “It’s that time again”

  1. Devon Schechinger says:

    Thank you for reminding us to express gratitude! A noble goal indeed!

  2. Ann L says:

    Thanks, Sarah! Happy New Year!

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