How to lose weight with yoga

IMG_36451We all know that a regular yoga practice will lower your stress, lengthen your muscles, and better your balance but it can also, without a doubt, help you to lose weight.  It doesn’t even matter if your only yoga is so gentle that you don’t get off the floor!  The main things to focus on during your practice- to aid in shedding a few pounds- are a deep sense of mindfulness and an enormous amount of respect for your self and body.

  • Mindfulness.  One definition describes mindfulness as an ‘attentive awareness of the presence.’  In other words, mindfulness means living fully in the present moment while being as aware of yourself and your surroundings as possible.  During yoga class, practice mindfulness by being totally aware of yourself, your body and your surroundings.  Notice exactly what your body is doing and how it feels.  Then bring this mindfulness to your meal times.  Slow down and notice how you’re eating, what you’re eating and how you it makes you feel.  Mindfulness while eating leads to consuming less because you notice exactly when you start to feel full- which is usually much earlier than you would expect.  Say ‘no’ to calorie counting and ‘yes’ to simple mindful eating.
  • IMG_35131Self Respect.  Yes, it sounds cheesy but learning to appreciate and be grateful for your body, and all of the things that it does for you, can do wonders for your weight.  When practicing yoga, notice and respect all the ways your body moves, breathes, and balances.  When you respect your body, you’ll be more careful with how you treat it and what you put into it.  The old cliche is true- your body is a temple.  Once you realize this, you’ll treat it like one.

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