Not enough time? Here’s your solution.

fullsizerender-2There’s no denying that we all live very busy lives these days.  Unfortunately self-care frequently falls to the bottom of the to-do list.  Why is it so easy to discard your own health?  Yes, you need to do your job, take care of chores, run errands, and care for the kids (or pets or family members).  All of these things do need to get done, so how do you fit in exercise, grocery shopping, recipe research, and some relaxing home yoga time?  If only we could really take advantage of all 24 hours in every day.  No, I’m not here to tell you to sleep less.  Research says that adults should be in bed for 7-9 hours every night, so don’t skimp there (and can someone please tell my kids how delightful sleeping past dawn can be?).  Here’s how to make your health and well-being fit into your already tightly packed schedule.

  • Find an activity you love.  Yes, I’m talking about exercise.  If you’re not a big gym person, like myself (those big machines seem to resemble torture devices), you need to be creative and find something else.  Here are a few ideas- a sport you can play with a friend, walk/run, swim, home yoga, or chase your toddler around a playground.  Whatever it is, just choose something, because if it’s something you not just enjoy but love, you’ll actually do it.
  • Schedule it.  Break out the old calendar (or just open up your Google Calendar app)- decide when your exercise times are going to be, when your grocery shopping will happen, and even when you can have some ‘me’ time to relax (whether that means some home yoga with your favorite music, a bath, or bringing your book outside), just schedule it.  Write in these activities so that they’ll happen.
  • Prioritize yourself.  As a mom, this is something I’m constantly reminding myself- IF YOU’RE NOT TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF, YOU CAN’T TAKE CARE OF OTHERS! (Sorry, that seemed important enough to yell).  You should always be at your best because that will reflect onto everyone else you come into contact with.  If you don’t care for yourself then eventually your poor health won’t allow you to do all the other things you want to or need to be doing.

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