This behavior changes everything

As we find ourselves charging through this new year I have found one big mental shift that makes a big difference.

You know how everyone in and out of the wellness industry has been talking up ‘self-care’ the past few years?  How it’s important to care for yourself first?  How you can’t pour from an empty cup?  All that stuff?  I feel like I’ve heard that stuff so many times that its just lost its umph to me.  I’m not saying that self-care isn’t important or that we shouldn’t prioritize ourselves, I’m just saying that I feel like the term ‘self-care’ has reached over-saturation to the point where manicures, salads, and everything in between can be considered self care.

Rather than prioritizing self-care in my life, I have started to look at my daily decisions in terms of whether or not they make me stronger.


Self-care is ‘care of the self without medication or other professional consultation.’  Meaning anything that you deliberately choose to do that serves yourself (this could be anything of your choosing).

Self Preservation is ‘to act so as to preserve or protect oneself from harm or destruction.’  Meaning- STRENGTH!

I’ve realized that I have started to brush off self-care and needed a new motivator.  Now, I look at my schedule, actions, and life through the lens of self preservation.  Is what I’m doing something that gives me strength?  Will it help protect me from future harm (stress, disease, etc)?  Wanting to be strong and protected from harm is such greater motivation than the ubiquitous ‘self-care’.

What motivates you to better care for yourself and make good daily decisions?  Leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you and am always looking for new ideas and motivation!

Tell me some things other than practicing headstands on a beach.  Damn that sandy hair!


2 responses to “This behavior changes everything”

  1. Emily Braun says:

    Self preservation! Yes! That makes so much sense. Thank you for sharing that. This month we have also been dealing with a lack of abundant health, and each time I lost my calm and worked myself to exhaustion is when I too fell down with illness. It’s as if I used up all my self-strength and I was forced to rest. I will remember this post next time. Hopefully. Because you know, snot and fevers somehow become your main focus somehow.

    • Sarah Studebaker says:

      Sorry you’ve been dealing with illness recently too, dear friend! (‘lack of abundant health’ sounds so much better than ‘sick!). Here’s to hoping we can both focus more of our time and energy of strength and preservation! Sending love.

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