It’s not your fault

It’s not your fault that your yoga lives outside of your house.

It’s not your fault that your yoga runs on someone else’s schedule.

It’s not your fault that you’ve been only practicing yoga in your local studio or gym.

It’s not your fault that you think you need to be a part of a bigger group to practice.

It’s not your fault that your yoga is just not convenient 99% of the time.

Yoga studios and yoga teachers are not the bad guys.  They are wonderful but your yoga practice and your local yoga studio are not in a mutually exclusive relationship.  Your yoga is allowed to live anywhere.  The easiest place for your yoga to live is in your home.  Duh, right?!  After all, it’s YOUR yoga.

YOUR yoga is allow to exist anywhere at any time.

Your yoga may be 30 minutes of ass busting cardio-like vinyasa.

Your yoga may involve handstands and splits (ouch).

Your yoga may just be laying down and taking deep breaths.

Your yoga is yours.  Treat it that way.  Make it yours.  Pick a few of your favorite poses that make you feel good and a few others that address any current aches or discomforts. Turn on some good tunes.  Focus on your breath.  Who cares what you’re wearing (just be careful of splitting your jeans).

Why are you only practicing yoga at studios in big classes?  I give you full permission to have your own practice, in your home, on your time.  Be your own teacher.

You know who’s going to care if you’re not in the trendy pants or 100% anatomically correct in your poses?  NO ONE.

It’s not your fault that you’ve been depending on other people and other place to do yoga.  But now that you know, you don’t have anymore excuses.

Go home.  Take a little time.  Practice.  Yoga on, my friend!



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