This stuck with me

It’s been busy over here in my world.  I feel like I’ve been surrounded by lots of stressors and stressed out people.  Do you feel me?

My yoga practice has kept up but I find my mind racing to all the other ‘stuff’ off my mat which means that I’m not enjoying my practice as much.

As we all know, other people and other things can’t be controlled.  The only thing that we can control are ourselves (our responses, reactions, etc).  I preach this during class all the time but once you’ve said (or heard) something enough times, it turns into just background noise (cue the Charlie Brown teacher voice).

A few days ago I came across a quote that felt like it knocked into me.

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails.” -Bertha Calloway

It means everything that Charlie Brown’s teacher has been mumbling but in a different way.  I love it.

My yoga practice now is not only a time to move and feel good, it’s a time for me to consider how to ‘adjust my sails’.  Acknowledging that nobody (including me- the all powerful yoga teacher!) can control the wind is half of it but learning how to use the wind by adjusting your sails can save you from feeling like you’re getting blown over.

So as you practice at home, remember this quote (here it is again in case you forgot already)-

“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails.”

Remember that the wind can not be ignored.  It will always be there.  How can you adjust your sails?

Yoga on! …and sail away!


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