See what people are saying about my services and realize that their successes are not unique to them.  These are common people with big real life changes.


MM“When I started the program I was feeling a bit out of control. After having lost weight in the year prior, I was having trouble easing back into a regular diet (as opposed to the rigorous regime I was following to lose the weight).  Working with Sarah helped me understand some of the things I was dealing with and gave me tools to learn to diminish the constant worry about what I was eating and not eating. While I still think about food a lot (because I enjoy eating), I feel that I have been able to develop a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to eating without sacrificing health or my weight.” -Marilyn Mullins, New York, NY


Ulla headshot“After doing yoga for more than 10 years, I mistakenly took at break due to being a working mother with too much on my plate. Now my 10-year old daughter and I take Sarah’s yoga classes together. I am amazed at Sarah’s ability to tailor a class to each student’s needs and abilities, and I love that no two classes are ever the same. Both my daughter and I enjoy the classes immensely!” -Ulla Dalsgaard, Austin, TX



Sarah Studebaker testimonial Laura Gold“Sarah is a pleasure to work with. Her calm, reassuring and knowledgeable presence make practicing yoga a joy. I always feel more relaxed and at ease after one of her classes. She can deftly handle a class with beginners as well as experienced yogis, young and old alike. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in incorporating yoga into their lives.” -Laura Gold, Austin, TX



Claudia Crocker“I knew nothing about yoga except that it saved my daughter from the rigors of Wall Street. I was looking up at 60 and had endured almost 30 years of commercial real estate law. I decided to take up yoga but I couldn’t do ONE pose. My bikram trained daughter sent me Sarah, and she was patient and loving and kind. She taught me everything in individual sessions and after 4 months, I could go to a class confidently and do just about everything. I lost 25 pounds, learned how to BREATHE and I owe it all to Sarah.” -Claudia Crocker, Austin, TX


Jim Doyle2“I like the way that throughout my program, Sarah let me make my own decisions based on the information that she presented and made me realize, it’s all up to me.  The nutrition program exceeded all of my expectations and I’m very happy I did it.” -Jim Doyle, Hoboken, NJ




Mayra RodriguezI was completely new to yoga and wanted some personalized attention to avoid developing bad habits. I was also dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety at the time and needed to really learn how to breathe properly and to relax. Sarah helped me a great deal by providing really thoughtful and caring instruction. She really listened to me and was able to help me learn how to pay attention to what my body is telling me, to find a great pathway to a whole body, and a meditative way to relax. I am very happy I found Sarah and I highly recommend anybody looking to learn or to expand on their yoga to study with her.” -Mayra Rodriguez, Austin, TX

MJVach_-201x300“Yoga with Sarah gives me all the results I can hope for – flexibility, strength, and balance.  She does it with sensitivity to my capacities and changes, attention to details of form, and an unflaggingly cheerful, supportive attitude.” -Marilyn Vaché, Austin, TX




Janeka“Sarah’s great. She was easy to follow and she was great at explaining the transitions between moves. She was also good at giving her students the option to challenge themselves or if a position was too taxing, to find a more comfortable form” -Janeka Rector, Austin, TX




Melanie“Sarah’s beginner series gave me confidence in yoga practice after a 10-year absence. I noticed a difference in my posture, breathing, and most of all, my approach to yoga. No longer did I feel I had to be completely relaxed or let go of it all. Sarah focused us on breathing into poses and encouraged class questions and feedback. I didn’t feel intimidated or like I had to act a certain way, which was so very welcome. I am also a runner and noticed an immediate improvement in plantar fasciitis and many other muscle areas as a result of Sarah’s caring guidance and supportive teaching.” -Melanie Loyd Harshman, Austin, TX

“There is nothing better after a week of working than to lose oneself in an hour of yoga.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would ever be an advocate for yoga!  Until one tries it and experiences the flow of energy that occurs during the final stretches, one could never imagine the benefits of yoga.  The benefits go way beyond the lesson itself.” -Gayle Bradley, New York, NY

“Sarah’s classes always moved quickly enough to present a challenge, but never so fast that you’d feel rushed or pushed too hard. They’re always a fun workout.” -John Hammon, Hoboken, NJ

“About a year ago, I was very stressed out because of my job, putting on a lot of weight, and was not able to get pregnant. In October, Sarah developed a program for me. I started yoga classes with her, and she introduced me to a new variety of vegetables, grains, fruits, and eating behaviors that helped me to lose weight and increase my fertility. Also, she guided me in how to manage stress and learn to take time for myself. In January, I was thrilled to learn that I was pregnant! Seeing such results, I continued with Sarah’s program and started prenatal yoga.  At the end of my pregnancy, I didn’t gain any extra weight but the amount required for a healthy pregnancy. Now, I know how to eat healthy, but at the same time be indulgent with myself, and also, I am able not to get stressed when it is unnecessary. Most importantly, I feel healthy, happy, and eagerly await the arrival of my son.” Mariola De Los Santos, Hoboken, NJ

“Sarah is understanding and encouraging.  I think everyone would benefit from this type of nutritional coaching.” -Dan Bacarella, Hoboken, NJ

“Sarah’s class provided the perfect combination of gentle instruction, poses that expanded my practice, and a truly comforting atmosphere. She is a knowledgeable and cheerful teacher.” -Ashley Turner, New York, NY

“I really enjoyed our private yoga sessions together and have Sarah to thank for my new found love of yoga.” -David McDonald, Austin, TX

“Sarah’s prenatal yoga classes were outstanding!  They made my pregnancy go by very easily and helped relieve pregnancy-related back pain.  I would highly recommend Sarah’s prenatal yoga classes for any expecting mother.” Katie Schwartz, New York, NY

“I really enjoyed the class!  I had never taken yoga before and it was a great introduction.  I not only had a good workout, but also felt relaxed and at peace (even at 9 months pregnant)!” -Susanna Beck, Hoboken, NJ

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