Mindfulness and my challenge to you

IMG_36711I’m sure you’ve heard the latest buzz word in the health world lately- ‘mindfulness’.  You may even have tried to incorporate it more into your life already.  It’s a simple concept that’s hugely important for all of us.  Mindfulness basically means being 100% in the present moment whether you’re on a walk or doing dishes.  Focusing on your breath while More


My favorite chocolatey recipes- ENJOY!

photoAs I’m sure you know, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, aka- my favorite excuse to eat chocolate!  Yes, it’s the holiday of celebrating loved ones, cute arts and crafts projects, overpriced flowers, and especially- all things sweet and chocolatey.  My sweet tooth is celebrating by salivating with joy.  I’ve lately been cutting back on my sugar intake which has felt great.  I find that I don’t have that late afternoon energy slump most days and the less sugar I eat, the less I crave it.  A world with less sugar has proven to More


4 ways to energize your day

IMG_0518My morning routine has changed enormously since having kids.  Uggg, why don’t they appreciate sleep like I do?!  They definitely do not believe that we all need a long night’s sleep for a healthy day.  In fact, we’ve somehow been able to have some pretty awesome days, despite some previous rough nights.  The best part of my mornings is that I actually get to see the sunrise every single day, the worst part being More


Where I’ve been

IMG_1491After a several month hiatus from my old normal routine, I’m back and working at my new routine.  I took a few months off for the birth of my son Tyler, assuming the ole’ 6 week maternity leave would be just fine.  Little did I know, my body (and my toddler) had different plans for me.  Didn’t I learn the first time I became a parent that I don’t have much say in my schedule anymore?!

Turns out not all women have easy births.  Not all women are back at ‘it’ right away.  Not all women’s bodies feel normal after the 6-8 week doctor’s suggestion.  Not all women function normally on torturously little sleep.  Yes, I am one of these women.  I love my boys but I also love my sleep! More


The yoga of parenting

IMG_8893I’m constantly trying to find new ways of including yoga in my everyday family life.  I practice with and without my toddler, I do some deep breathing before bed time, but I’ve been wanting to go a little deeper than the physical.  How do yoga principles and philosophy translate to my non-ashram, ‘normal’ American life?  When my life seems hectic and full of to-do lists, how can I approach my day with the calmness and patience that yoga affords?  And more importantly, how do I translate this to my behaviors as a parent so that I can More


Better sleep now, be your best tomorrow (Yoga for Sleep)

IMG_36761_2We all sleep better some nights than others.  Who knows why?!  It could be an endless variety of factors, some that you may not even have control over (hello, nocturnal children).  I haven’t been sleeping well lately and have decided to be proactive about it and develop a bedtime yoga routine to help my body wind down from the day and prepare for the stillness and rest of sleep.

Sleep is hugely important to our overall health.  When your body is sleep More


Exceeding all expectations (the power of food)

photo1We all get in those ruts of life where everything just seems to be stuck- job, relationships, energy level, weight.  I’m not talking about that feeling of quitting everything and following your favorite band around on tour for the rest of your life (although that would be awesome!).  I’m talking about the feeling that things aren’t changing, that you’re not in control.  Sometimes I find myself there once a year, sometimes More


How to get the most out of your practice

Sarah-3831We all practice yoga for various reasons. For me, one of the main reasons is simply because stretching and moving makes me feel good. It’s easy for me to fall into my routine of moving through a few sequences that feel good on that day, then just hopping up and getting on with my life. It’s unfortunately easy for me to breeze over the breathing and relaxation parts and instead, just make sure I get in enough physical poses to call it a practice. Does this ever happen to you? When life gets busy, I sometimes need to remind myself that another reason I practice yoga is because of the stress relief that comes with relaxing and breathing deeply. How ironic that the times in my life with I’m stretched thin across the day are the times when my practice minimizes the focus on breathing?!



Little witnesses are great for healthy habits

IMG_7852Ever since my son has been old enough to mimic and comment on my every move, I’ve had to really pay attention to the type of behavior that I’m modeling for him.  I never wanted to be one of those people who doesn’t ‘walk the walk’ but like most humans, I’m not perfect.  Sometimes I choose a good movie over a yoga class and my sweet tooth attempts to control my every decision.  I’m OK with not being perfect but my little toddler doesn’t get explanations like ‘Mommy gets an extra cookie because she’s had a rough day.’  I am now forced to behave as if someone’s watching me all day long, because there is someone watching me all day long!

One of my wishes for my son is that he becomes an adult with a More


The 1 goal of every practice

IMG_5378I constantly find myself in a go-go-go mentality.  Always wanting to check items off of my to-do list, feel productive and accomplished.  Forever busy.  This attitude, though, has no place in a yoga practice.  Actually, this attitude is why I need a yoga practice.  Yoga is about slowing down and finding stillness, whether that stillness is physical, mental, or emotional.  Can’t you twist yourself into a pretzel?  Who cares?!  More