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My new favorite things to put in smoothies

the only green smoothie I makeYes, I know that I talk about smoothies all the time.  The thing is, I love my energy boosting, hunger satisfying drinks.  I’ve even made them a daily part of my kids’ diets.  I even serve guests my favorite green smoothie to try to get them hooked too.  I’m all about it.  What better way to give yourself fruits, veggies, protein, and healthy fat all at one time?  They’re vegan, dairy free, gluten free, whatever- they fit into any diet.  Just don’t get me started on those people who ‘don’t like vegetables’ and won’t even try my fruit tasting concoctions.  They make me want to cue my 3 year old into singing Daniel Tiger’s “Try new things they might tast gooo-oooooood”. More