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family yoga | Sarah Studebaker, Yoga Instructor & Health Coach

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Getting a toddler excited about yoga

FullSizeRenderThrough months (although it seems like years) of trying to get my toddler son to do yoga with me, I feel as though I have finally discovered a way to get him to be excited about practicing with me.  I have put a lot of theories through the trial and error process and just one seems to work.  I’ve mainly been focusing my time on practicing ‘in front of’ (not always ‘with’) him in hopes that he’ll want to mimic what Mommy’s doing.

This only seems to work sometimes and the times that it does, he usually only joins me for a few minutes and then wanders back to his Hotwheels collection.  Ironically, after giving much thought and effort into ‘yoga’ing’ with my toddler, it was something More


Posts Tagged ‘family yoga’

What I learned from 10 days of yoga with my toddler

kyan1On an average day, yoga plays a small but important role.  My home practice is usually limited to Kyan’s nap time, after I eat lunch and respond to emails.  I practice in my room either in silence or to very quiet music (so that I don’t wake him), alone (well, with 2 cats who may or may not take an interest).  I choose to practice alone in order to practice the cliche of ‘me time’.  Being alone is the only way that I can temporarily forget about everything going on in my world, all of my responsibilities, and just relax into my body and breath.  I cherish this time.

One of my biggest responsibilities More

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